ThanksKilling 3 poster.

ThanksKilling 3 is the sequel to ThanksKilling. Jordan Downey's plan was to make it the first movie to skip its own sequel. In the storyline ThanksKilling 2 was so horrible that the studio destroyed it as well as all record of it's existence (save for a new cast.) and threw the last copy in a dumpster where it was eaten by Greg Garbage and later spit out and given to Yomi, the alien puppet in search of her mind. When Turkie hears about this he becomes enraged because the movie was what he was using to destroy the human race with a Native American curse, in order to put an end to the nightmare that is Thanksgiving.  He kills his wife and wills his son's soul into the last copy of TK2 to send it to all electronic devices and eradicate mankind. Luckily he is killed by Yomi and her friends Uncle Donny (Inventor of the Pluckmaster 3000 and Thanksgivingland.) Flowis, (The rapping grandma.) Muff, (The robotic warrior.) and Rhonda Worm. (The bi-sexual space worm and Turkie's TK2 co-star.)
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